Friday, March 11, 2016

Painting: Sun breaking through the mist #3, Purple Lake

The sun is breaking through the mist over a lake, where the purple trees are reflected in the water. This is the third of the four paintings I made where the sun is breaking through the mist.

The painting is available at:
  • SaatchiArt (the original, and prints)
  • RedBubble (printed on lots of stuff - it looks especially nice on notebooks!)
  • Society6 (printed on rugs and all-over shirts)*

*RedBubble and Society6 are similar services, but since its easier to upload to Redbubble, plus they accept larger files (=better detail in print), I only upload those items to Society6 that Redbubble doesn't print on. If the motive fits the thing in the first place that is.)

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