Sunday, February 28, 2016

Painting: Sun breaking through the mist #2, Small dog toting human

Here is the second one of the four paintings I made where the sun is breaking through the mist. In a winter landscape a small dog is toting their human.  I made it in January 2016.

I made two paintings that were quite similar - using the same motive and the same paints, but in different formats and on different paper. The first one was in a portrait format in A4/letter size, and on smooth hotpressed paper. This one is smaller, A6 or half a letter paper, in landscape format, and painted on rough watercolour paper. I was convinced that this one, on the rough paper, wouldn't be as good as the one on smooth paper, but now when I look at it I'm not that sure.  I had just bought the smooth paper and maybe expected it to be some kind of salvatioon :).

I've put the original up as available via Saatchi Art, and selected some things on Society6 that the painting can be printed on. This horisontal one went well on mugs and laptop sleeves.

The first one  being in portrait format went better on other things. For example leggings where purple trees start by the feet, and the sun breaking through the mist is up at the legs.

This second one also seems to work on pillows and tote bags:


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